Type veinsCU
Wire diameter24AWG 0,5mm
Frequency band200MHz
Outer diameter4,8mm
Weight disc28kg


The data communications cable (twisted-pair) category 5e GetFort premium are designed to build professional data communications systems or telecommunications that use a frequency range up to 200MHz. Cables suitable for the transmission of data, sound and video television having a capacity of binary data to 1Gb / s. The cable used for the construction of the so-called. structured cabling systems within buildings according to standard EN 50173-1, EN 50288-3-1, ISO / IEC 11801 2 ed. , IEC 61156-5, ANSI / TIA 568-C.2. The cable also ideally suited for the construction of CCTV systems - CCTV on its excellent transmission characteristics of video cameras.


Temperature rangeDuring operation -30°C do +70°C
When laying -10°C do +50°C
Minimum bending radius4xØd - outer diameter of the cable
Resistance of wires / steam temperature. 20°C (max)190 Ω/km
Insulation resistance (min)5 GΩxkm
Resistance unbalance in hand ≤ 2%
Effective capacitance of any pair of the 1 kHz50 ± 5 nF/km
The asymmetry in the capacity of the transmission path with respect to ground at 1kHz (max)1600 pF/km
Operating voltage 150V
Voltage testAC 50 Hz - 700 V AC
DC 1000 V DC
Impedance100 ± 5 Ω
Ppeed of propagation NVP69 %
Return loss in the frequency pairs dB (min)f = 4÷10 MHz - 20+5lg(f)
f = 10÷20 MHz - 25
f = 20÷200 MHz - 25-7lg(f/20)


VeinsSinglewire round of soft electrolytic copper
Insulation A special blend of polyolefin
Color core insulation Green, blue, brown, orange - twisted pair with white vein with corresponding colored stripe lengthwise
CenterFour pairs of twisted wires in the center
Outer shell Polyvinyl chloride PVC tire
Sheath color Gray RAL 7035 for PVC coating

Transmission parameters

Frequency Mhz1410162030456080100120130155175200
Attenuation ≤ dB/100m2,14,06,38,09,011,213,916,218,921,323,624,727,229,231,5
NEXT ≥ dB/100m65,356,350,347,245,843,140,538,636,735,334,133,632,431,630,8
PS NEXT ≥ dB/100m62,353,347,344,242,840,137,535,633,832,331,130,629,528,627,8
ELFEXT ≥ dB/100m63,851,843,839,737,834,330,728,225,723,822,221,520,019,017,8
PS ELFEXT ≥ dB/100m60,848,840,836,734,831,327,725,222,720,819,218,517,016,014,8
RL ≥ dB20,023,025,025,025,023,822,521,720,820,119,519,318,818,418,0




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