Type veinsCU
Wire diameter24AWG(0,54)mm
Frequency band350MHz
Outer diameter6,1mm
Weight disc41kg


GetFort CAT 6 premium cable is designed for the construction of professional telecommunication or telecommunication systems using a frequency band up to 350MHz. Cables are suitable for data, audio and video broadcasts with a binary bandwidth above 1Gb / s. The wire is used to build so-called. Indoor structured cabling systems in accordance with PN-EN 50173-1, EN 50288-3-1, ISO / IEC 11801 2 ed. , IEC 61156-5, ANSI / TIA 568-C.2. This cable is also ideal for building CCTV systems - CCTV, thanks to its excellent video transmission characteristics.

Temperature rangeDuring operation -30°C do +70°C
When laying -10°C do +50°C
Minimum bending radius4xØd - outer diameter of the cable
Resistance of wires / steam temperature. 20°C (max)165 Ω/km
Insulation resistance (min)5 GΩxkm
Resistance unbalance in hand ≤ 2%
Effective capacitance of any pair of the 1 kHz50 ± 5 nF/km
The asymmetry in the capacity of the transmission path with respect to ground at 1kHz (max)1600 pF/km
Operating voltage 150V
Voltage testAC 50 Hz - 700 V AC
DC 1000 V DC
Impedance100 ± 5 Ω
Ppeed of propagation NVP69 %
Return loss in the frequency pairs dB (min)f = 4÷10 MHz - 20+5lg(f)
f = 10÷20 MHz - 25
f = 20÷350 MHz - 25-7lg(f/20)


VeinsSinglewire round of soft electrolytic copper
Insulation A special blend of polyolefin
Color core insulation Green, blue, brown, orange - twisted pair with white vein with corresponding colored stripe lengthwise

Four pairs of strands twisted into a center on a centrally arranged separating element

Outer shell Polyvinyl chloride PVC tire
Sheath color Gray RAL 7035 for PVC coating

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