The GetFort LED cable tester for RJ11 / RJ45 cables checks the connection between one end of the RJ11 / RJ45 network cable. Allows you to quickly and easily find and identify damage to the network cable. The device consists of two parts: the main part and the terminator mounted at the two ends of the tested section of the cable. After switching on the device, the tester checks each wire separately with two speed modes, and in the case of FTP cables, the correct connection of the screen to the modular plug. The result of the test will be signaled by lit diodes.

The tester is used to measure the continuity of LAN wiring. With it, you can test connections made:

     twisted pair UTP ended with RJ45 plug
     FTP cable terminated with RJ45 plug
     phone cord terminated with RJ11 connector

Thanks to this device:

     You will detect short circuits
     you will find wrong connections and breaks in your cabling