RJ45 / RJ12 / RJ11 connector pliers (8p 6p 4p)


Professional modular plug crimping tool, used for crimping 6 and 8 pin connectors on the cable. Precise, crimping mechanism ensures even tightening of all pins, and the use of high quality materials (hardened steel), guarantees its long life and comfort of work. The crimping machine is also equipped with a cutter for flat and round cables.

Double tool for preparing and crimping 6-pin RJ12 (6p6c), RJ11 (6p4c), (6p2c) and 8-pin connectors: RJ45 (8p8c) on the telephone cable ends. Universal crimper required for any LAN or telephone network installer, equipped with a knife for cable cutting and insulation puller from flat and round cable. With precise jaws and a parallel guidance system, the tool mechanism ensures a good assembly quality. The tool is made of steel with a black anti-corrosion coating and has ergonomic plastic covers. Overall length: 190 mm. Made of hardened black steel