Switch PoE 4+2 Hi-POE 65W


Number of ports6x 100Mbps RJ45
POE ports4x PoE 802.3 af/at
POE budget60W
POE support30W on the port
Power Supply52V/65W
Long range PoE modeup to 250m
VLAN port insulation supportYes


Switch GetFort GF-106D-4P-65 enables up to 250 m data and power transmission range for monitoring systems. The high budget of PoE makes the device ideally suited for small and medium-sized company monitoring systems.

Easy to use

The automatic functions of this switch make installation and operation easy and trouble-free.

No configuration is required. Auto MDI / MDIX eliminates the need to patch. Automatic negotiation on each port detects the link speed of the network device (10,100 Mb / s) and intelligently adapts to compliance and optimal performance.

Transmission range up to 250m

Switch GetFort GF-106D-4P-65 has been designed specifically for IP monitoring. It supports the Long range mode which allows connection up to 250m. Switch Getfort GF-106D-4P-65 is a perfect solution when deploying IP cameras over a large area.

Stable and reliable

Switch GetFort GF-106D-4P-65 is a 6-port unmanaged 10 / 100Mbps switch that does not require configuration and provides 4 PoE ports. All 6 ports support automatic MDI / MDIX, which allows the use of any type of cable. Equipped with a full duplex mode, the switch can process data at speeds up to 200 Mb / s, making it an ideal choice for expanding a high-performance wired network.

High power budget PoE and energy efficiency

The high budget of PoE makes the device ideally suited for small and medium-sized company monitoring systems. PoE + technology based on the IEEE 802.3at protocol enables users to power peripheral devices with power up to 30W, which allows the transmission of video from Full HD cameras in real time while maintaining full fluency.

The PoE transmission via the Cat5e / Cat6 cable allows energy to be supplied to peripheral devices at high data rates (up to 100 Mb / s). Thanks to innovative energy-saving technology, the switch saves up to 68% of energy consumption, making it an environmentally friendly solution.

VLAN operating mode

In VLAN mode, the switch enables logical subnetting by isolating ports. Hardware switch in V mode to isolate ports to prevent broadcasting storm and protect against spoofing DHCP attacks.

Prevention of overloading

The switch has a priority function, which protects the system in the event of overloading. The power consumption of devices powered by PoE is up to 60W. Devices connected to ports with higher priority are powered first.


Interface 6 10 / 100Mbps RJ45 ports
Connection 10 / 100BASE-TX: UTP cat.5 or higher (maximum 250m)
PoE 65W budget
Power Supply DC52V / 1.25A power supply
Standard ports: 802,3 af / at
PoE: Port1-Port4
Pins: 4/5 (+), 7/8 (-)
1.2 Gbps Ethernet bandwidth
Size of the MAC 2000 address table
Speed of sending 900 Kpps packets
Buffer 768 Kbps
Jumbo 10240B frames
Dimensions 136 * 66 * 32 mm
Store-And-Forward transmission method
Additional functions Priority function
Automatic packet addressing
Full duplex data flow control
Data flow control protocol in Half-duplex mode on an Ethernet network.
VLAN mode
Long Range function 250m
Certificates CE, FCC, RoHS
Contents of Switch GetFort packaging
AC adapter
Power cable
Quick guide
Working temperature range -10 ° C ~ 55 ° C

Documents for download